Wedding Movies: The Increasingly Popular Way to Capture Your Special Day

What could be a better way to remember your wedding than to have a beautiful, cinematic wedding movie that tells the story of your special day? Professionally shot and edited wedding movies are an increasingly popular way to commemorate the festivities, and when they're done right, wedding videos are unmatched in their ability to capture the emotion and grandeur of your unique occasion.

What does it take to do it right? The most important things to consider as you're planning a wedding video go well beyond how much it will cost. Think about each of these issues as you're interviewing wedding videographers and you'll be sure to create a wedding movie that will make you smile for years to come.

Wedding Videos Capture All the Important Moments

Any wedding videographer will document the highlights of the ceremony, but if you want a wedding video that tells the whole story of the day, you'll need more than that. You'll want footage of the preparations, of your guests arriving, of the reactions of your friends and loved ones during the ceremony, of the behind-the-scenes events that make the day special in small ways. When the video editor has plenty of footage to work with, it's much easier to present a complete, seamless story, so you'll want the cameras to keep rolling as much as possible.


Wedding Cinematography Get the Traditional and the Creative Shots

Make sure that your videographer is planning to shoot the little things as well as the big things so that when you're watching the movie years from now, it will all come back to you. There are plenty of stock shots that every photographer and videographer will stage, and those are important shots. However, much of the emotion of the day lies in the scenes that take place between those staged moments, so you'll want the videographer to be nimble enough to catch it all.

Hire a Wedding Videographer Who Will Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

How will your videographer stay nimble? It helps if he or she has an equipment set up that allows for mobility. Yes, you want nice, steady shots of the ceremony and the critical moments that you've been planning for months. But things don't always go according to plan, and it helps if the videographer is able to move quickly and easily when he or she needs to.
The videographer should know how to stay out of the way, too. You want your videographer to be in the middle of it all, but a good wedding videographer knows how to capture the event while remaining unobtrusive. A videographer who sets up inconveniently or makes your guests uncomfortable by sticking a camera in their faces can interfere with the spirit of the day. Look for a videographer who has experience enough to get the footage he or she needs while virtually disappearing into the background.

Look for a Videographer Who Can Handle the Unexpected

Wedding and reception venues are notorious for presenting lighting and audio challenges for wedding videography. Too much light or too little, background noise, and the importance of picking up audio from a distance–all of these things make it difficult to get high-quality footage, and most weddings require the videographer to shoot in a variety of locations with widely varying lighting and audio conditions. Look for reassurance that your videographer has the equipment, skills, and experience to be able to handle the technical challenges that your wedding will surely throw his or her way.

At Cultura Productions, we've got the technical skills and experience to make a wedding movie that depicts the excitement and emotion of one of the best days of your life. Contact us today so that we can begin planning how we will make your special day even more special.